Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fast Forward to Disneyland, I Threw It On The Ground, DURANTULA!


So a few of my friends are planning a trip to Disneyland at the end of April, and right about now I'm thinking I'd like to just hit the fast forward button on my life. Who knows, I may just go down there and decide to stay. I have a laptop, I can do my work from SoCal, right? The magical day appears to be April 28 for a 5 day visit.

So Many Things To Throw On The Ground

So Andy Samberg did this video for SNL called I Threw It On The Ground a few months ago and for some reason I can't stop talking about it. The first time I saw it, I was thinking this is just dumb, but then the magical line came up where he said "this ain't my dad, this is a cell phone!" Maybe I'm crazy for liking this video so much, you judge for yourself:


Ok, we're into the sports section now so you can stop reading if you're just not into that. I'd like if all of my friends who were sports fans would follow me on Twitter (, as I often have a lot of opinions on sports that I tend to express on Facebook, but I'd like to be more sensitive to the general audience I have on there.

Let me just say this though, Kevin Durant may be the most under-appreciated athlete in all of professional sports. In a sport where all of the big name guys have huge egos like LeBron and Kobe, Durant goes about his business quietly and he appears to do things the right way. Unfortunately, since he plays in Oklahoma City, he doesn't get a lot of attention as the Thunder (formerly the Sonics) have not been any sort of factor in the NBA since the 90s when they were in Seattle. I've decided I kind of like the Thunder now, not as much as the Rockets or Suns, but I appreciate what they've got going which appears to be a roster full of good young talent and they all seem like good guys too. And of course, you really can't argue that nobody has a better nickname than DURANTULA!

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